Thursday, March 07, 2013

project roundup: mild apathy

The past week or two have not been very productive for me. Only little bits of cooking and baking here and there, and very little has been accomplished project wise. A little bit of project ADD has me perhaps trying to teach myself how to crochet, because clearly I need a new project skill and I need to further divide my time. Right? Although at least with crochet that's something I can do during downtime at work and I'm not in any way intending it to be a "home" type project.

The past two or three days though, things have started to get done. I've gotten started on the binding of the baby quilt. This is the tedious bit, I've decided. Sewing the binding on the front is easy enough, but the back with all the slip stitch that's required? Not only is it tedious but it rather scares me to death. I'm afraid of mucking it up entirely, by which I mean doing a crummy job and having all the binding come off in the wash. Because of that I think the binding is going to be the most time consuming bit, although I may find that next time it's the bit where I give in and borrow a sewing machine.

I've also finally gotten started on more of my Scrappy Trip blocks, and now that I'm going again there I'm just zipping along. I'm about halfway done block eight which puts me at about halfway done piecing the blocks. This is the sort of relaxing slow sewing I like; it's easy to sit down with some strips and watch the Walking Dead while I sew. Even the cutting/trimming has been fairly easy as I'm using a jelly roll for the fabric, though I often find I need to trim the sides up.

Catching a case of the project blahs really sucks, but I'm glad I'm working my way out of them. Getting things done and getting productive makes things start to look up. I'm feeling more myself when I'm getting some stuff accomplished, even if it's just in bits and pieces here and there. Plus, starting on the last bit of that baby quilt has me excited. Woo!

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