Thursday, March 14, 2013

rock, meet hard place

The past number of months Bunny and I have been exceptionally lucky. We have a place to stay without worrying about it, from my mom. Our cat has a place to stay while we're waiting for our permanent home. Which is maybe why this week is so frustrating.

Construction is being done in the basement next door for the next couple of weeks and we were told the cat needed to be out for a couple weeks. My mom is not so ok with the idea of the cat coming over: one dog, one cat is her limit. But what can you do? There are no good options about the cat right now and luckily a limited stay didn't bring up too much of a fight.

Except by the cats. And oh do they fight.

First our cat peed on me when I picked her up to be put in the carrier. She hates that carrier. The past couple days have been punctuated with sudden cat fights. My mom's cat keeps starting things, and then our cat growls and her cat yelps and the next thing you know it's three in the morning and I haven't slept but I have to be at work come seven.

Any cat people out there? Any suggestions on getting two girl cats to get along?


  1. Hmmm, so normally before introducing them to each other you should let them "smell" each other and get acquainted, but from a safe place for both cats. (It's how new animals are introduced at zoos, shelters, etc). For example, leave the new cat in a carrier and let the other one get to know it slowly. (At a shelter you would put the animals close to each other in cages where they can move but are able to smell each other and once they accept each other you remove the physical barriers).
    It is normal that they fight because if I understand one cat is in the "territory" of the other.
    Hopefully after a fight (to establish the hierarchy) they will start to get along.
    If it does not get better in a few days, you should try to keep them in different rooms, if that is possible at all. Maybe they will start ignoring each other or establish areas that are restricted to each, by themselves.
    And you could get some pheromones from the vet (they come in a spray, which calm the cats down, and lower their stress better).
    I hope this helps somehow. And I hope you are doing well...

    1. We were flat out idiots about how we introduced them, even though I knew better. So far it seems like things are getting better pretty quickly with them but man did the first day suck!

      I'd never have thought of the pheromones idea. I will be keeping that in mind in case both cats don't start to act less stressed out in the next week or two. Thanks for the idea. (If I'd been thinking I would have asked you for suggestions as soon as I knew the cat was coming.)

      Shaking things up with the cats is sure keeping life interesting. :)

  2. Oh dear, cat fights..

    I am not at all an expert, but as I understand Jackson Galaxy is a cat behaviorist with a good reputation. In his tv show he's at least always training the humans instead of the cats, which I think is how it should be.

    He has the following to say about cat introductions: