Wednesday, March 20, 2013

quilting update: the scrappy trip

While the baby quilt sits still unfinished, I'm taking my time with the last steps. Binding is one one of the longer sides, and prepped and pinned to the other but it's really not a part I'm enjoying. I've got till June, technically, to get it done though I'm aiming for the baby shower in April. It's plugging it's way along and I'm comfortable not putting too much time at once into it right now. A picture will come when it's finished entirely because I'm proud of this baby.

Instead I've been putting my time into the Scrappy Trip Along the World quilt I mentioned awhile back. Ever since this surfaced online late last year, many beautiful examples have started to surface online. Mine's made mostly from the same 12 fabrics (although only six colours go in one block, and each is made with a different combinations) and a couple of other co-ordinating prints to match.

Each block is 12" square finished, and I'm aiming for a final size of probably 16 blocks (so four feet square) although I may stretch it out to 20, but I doubt it. At this point I'm working on finishing up block 8, and I have the fabrics for blocks 9 and 10 pre-cut. I'm starting to get a real feel for what my Scrappy Trip is going to look like.

When we move back out, this quilt is to go on our sage green couch and with that in mind I picked fabrics that match the pillows I'd already sewn. It's an interesting line of coordinating patterns in a mixture of greens, blues, oranges and with brown accents thrown in there that Bunny especially likes. Each block I've been trying to choose a "theme" - so I've got blocks based around each colour, blocks of the brightest/most solid prints, blocks where I'm trying to use each of the three main colours evenly.

When I cut the material for that block I mostly only have the block I'm working on in mind and I'm getting to the point where I'm starting to get a real feel for how this quilt is coming out. Half of my blocks currently are blues, with the rest being an even mix of themes. I'm trying to focus on making a few more orange blocks and a few more mismatched, and I'm trying to remind myself to keep the greens to accents. Given the couch colour I don't need too much green in the quilt.

This is an exciting one, and it's the first one that I'm intending to finish that's entirely for Bunny and I. It's also a project that's let me identify more clearly what it is exactly I'm not liking about the first quilt top I worked on - the simplicity of the blocks compared to the scale of the sashing bothers me a lot, and I would have made better choices in how to run the sashing doing it a second time. I may actually end up finishing it entirely later down the road. If I can find someone who would actually want the quilt given the pink/silver/black scheme and the simplicity I probably will give it a finish. I just know it's not going to be overly used around my home and don't want to put any more time and effort into it because of that but if I know it will be used it would be another story.

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