Tuesday, June 05, 2012

life, and busyness

Given that we've made so many Big Changes type decisions lately, it's only fitting that we've been busy. This morning I decided to get all productive in making my mom's basement our home ... and working at finding somewhere that is not my mother's basement to live.

I did laundry. (Which I did not hate today. This might come as a shock.) I did some manual labour, dragging out an old wardrobe from the corner of the laundry room into the basement proper so Bunny and I can hang up some of our clothes.

Then I decided that I'd had enough physical labour and would move on the the mental work.

I scouted some apartment and house rental listings in Barrie. (There might even be one just up the street. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that. Weird.) Bookmarked a bunch of them to go over with Bunny later in the week. Then I went on a few job sites and found about half a dozen listings I don't hate to start applying to. After those cover letters are written and resumes are out I'll scrounge up another half dozen or so and work on those.

This afternoon I crawled next door, brought over the puppy, and have been just reading and hanging out with Momma Bunny after the productive morning. Just enjoying some quiet, reading a little bit from an old favourite. Casually watching some crappy tv.

I'm still thinking about that hunk of parmesan cheese back in Toronto. I'd like to start cooking my own meals again. The other day I told my mom she's probably going to be coming home more often to dinner already made for her, given my presence. Apparently I'm going to be providing some substitute childcare this week, when Momma Bunny heads off to some legal appointments. Soon I'll start working on my novel again. Writing seriously would be good.

Time is passing very strangely. It's June, and half of my mind feels like it should still be May, the other half thinks it should be July already.

Now I'm going to sit down and enjoy a warm cup of tea on a nasty weather day. (The rain, it just won't stop!)

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