Friday, June 29, 2012

life, wherein I ramble

The shape of our lives has changed, a lot, since we've moved. It's something strange that I'm still trying to wrap my head around. Luckily, we got proper mattresses here yesterday, so at least our sleep can return to normal a little.

With Bunny working in a garage, it's not like I can stop up in his office with a cup of espresso for forced coffee breaks. Since my mom won't let us pay for groceries or anything, really (we've argued about this, and eventually agreed to accept her decision and pay her in free labour around the house and yard and told her that if she wants or needs to change her mind she can), Bunny and I don't have our Tuesday night grocery shopping date. Instead, grocery shopping means driving to every grocery store in the city with my mom on Sundays, while leaving Bunny to spend time with his family, or freelancing. Because there are people everywhere, always, Bunny and I don't spend the bulk of our evening on our own in our underwear cuddling and talking and chilling out.

The changes aren't bad, they're just odd. The shape of our lives is more social now, and we've had to bend to accomodate other people and their preference, which is new. And let's be honest, I'm selfish about my time and getting enough alone time with Bunny, so I don't always want to accomodate - but I do, and it is good.

We spend time every day with my mother, and his momma, and his sister and brother in law, and our (well, almost our) neice. It's interesting seeing how this social time works into our lives, and how it's not quite as draining as normal socializing can be. I don't feel guilty when I bring a book with me to read during the day, and I pull out my cross stitch at night because it's easier to talk and stitch than talk and read. It reminds me of weekends at the cottage growing up, surrounded by my aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents. The desire to connect, but the recognition that everyone wants to do a little bit of their own thing at the same time.

One thing I've noticed, though, is that Bunny is eager to sneak off to our basement earlier in the evening, the better to watch the weekend's MotoGP races in privacy and to chill out together. I think we're right now trying to negotiate the family time with the us time, and I think we're doing ok. We also get a pocket of time after he gets home from work but before either my mom or his sister is home that we try to spend alone.

And hey, I've been enjoying doing the laundry. What?

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