Monday, June 25, 2012

life, and weddings (part 2)

So, with this new massive-to-me wedding being planned, it seemed like the first thing to do was pull out the "wedding notebook" and play around with possible guest lists. (Really? I'm really revisiting the guest list now? I hate that.) Which is somewhat scary. I'm not entirely sure which of the many possible permutations we'll go with, but with the essentials (original list + Bunny's extended family + my mom's family) it's not too crazy. Even if we expand that a bit, which I'm sure we will, it's not too bad.

What I want to talk about, though, is the first page on that wedding notebook. The page on which I wrote my goals for my wedding, what I needed out of the event. Here's something that makes me feel a lot better about this whole change of events: every one of those requirements can still be met. I can still have amazing food, mostly on the day we do the deed (although I have some schemes to make the party food more palatable to me too). I can still not go crazy. I'm still having a small, intimate ceremony since we're keeping that separate from the reception. We're keeping costs down, which was a goal.

In fact, the only dream we're not meeting is the honeymoon in Spain, and that's a purely financial concern right now. We'll do an anniversarymoon in Spain, one day. Time it around the Catalunya GP (if it's still going, otherwise we'll make it work with Jerez). Yeah, we're totally going to plan a future trip to Europe around GP motorcycle racing.

I am not going to have my dream wedding. Whoop de doo. I can still have all the things I need, emotionally, out of the event without it being a dream.

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