Thursday, June 28, 2012

life, and updates

Lots of little things are going on, and some big ones. I'm busy as a bee cooking and cleaning up around my mom's house. My weekends are being absorbed by the prospect of moving. Bunny and I have a wedding to plan and are running out of time to do it (luckily it's fairly low key). I've been cooking more, but it's really too hot to cook much.

Tomorrow I'm thinking of doing something utterly special and unspecial: stir fry, but with chicken. I'll send Bunny out to get some extra peppers and such.

One thing I've been doing while in this moving process is reading like a fiend. I have a stack of old & new books I've discovered here that I want to dig into, and I have the first four books of A Song of Ice and Fire. Technically, I'm supposed to be reading the last few chapters of the Lions of Al-Rassan, which is one of Guy Gavriel Kay's most brilliant works (and which I will finish, if only to tell you about) but in reality I'm two thirds of the way through the second Game of Thrones book. I stayed up reading last night until 3am when my eyes just wouldn't focus anymore.

I've started back up on doing crafty things again. My pillows are going to remain unfinished while we're here, because stuffing them will just make for more space-taking stuff, but I'll get to sewing the last couple of seams soon. As for my cross stitch, well, I abandoned the one I was working on before. Which is strange for me to do ... but I needed to. Picking that piece of fabric up filled me with dread that I can't even explain. It was what I was working on when Bunny's dad died, and I just can't bring myself to look at it.

Which I think is ok. Did I ever tell you my plan to decorate our future imaginary child's room with cross stitch animal silhouettes? It's my new thing.

Tonight, I believe, we will be getting reprieve from sleeping on my mom's 20-year-old futon. Bunny and I both this week said "I'm sorry, but I need to sleep on a couch because this is killing my back" and have been sleeping on different couches on different floors of the house the past couple of nights. Let it be said: this bothers me immensely. Even if we're sprawled on opposite sides of the bed, Bunny and I are always touching when we're sleeping. It bothers me to be nowhere near him. I can't sleep easily. And even though we cuddle before bed, it's just not the same. Luckily, today his sister and her husband will be getting a new mattress, and my mom gets their old one (seriously, this whole our-mothers-are-next-door-neighbours thing rocks sometimes).

We rescued the cat last weekend. The annoying cat who Bunny wants to get rid of and is always pissing me of but I'm somehow slightly fond of, that's the one. She was not happy only having a once-a-day visit to feed and water her (although she made friends with her jailer). Currently, she's living in Momma Bunny's basement being mad and hissy and hiding on us. But that's cool.

Also, it is official: the only person goofier than Bunny is his neice. What does that say for my future?

Somehow, without even thinking about it, I have changed my go to hairstyle. I'm a ponytail girl right now. It's weird, and it completely changes my face to have my hair back. I'm trying to get used to that view in the mirror right now, because it still feels off.

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