Friday, June 08, 2012

life, and random ramblings

Yesterday I started cleaning out my mom's basement. My mom's house is full of clutter (and my brother and I are probably as much to blame as my mother for this) and Bunny and I need to clear out the basement. So I started with the cubbyhole under the stairs. I am rather shocked by the sheer amount of shit I found.

There are bags to go to Goodwill. Bins of laundry to be washed before they go to Goodwill. Piles of things for my mom to go through because I think they're garbage but she wants to give everything away. I don't like the idea of giving actual crap to Goodwill.

I did find some interesting things, though. Piles of pictures that I'll go through at some point. A pair of pants that fit. Which I'm both happy and sad about. Because I mean, YAY I have a single pair of pants that actually fit. In a size I haven't worn since I was nineteen. On the flip side, wtf? I'm not happy that I've gone down a full size in two weeks. Stress can do that though.

This weekend I also gained possession of my new glasses. Including prescription sunnies! I have sunglasses! I can put something on to protect my light-sensitive eyes so I don't constantly look like I'm crying in public. (Apparently there's nothing else they can do for that. Damn.)

This week's going to be busy. Bunny's off at the mechanic's shop where he is now employed. (Heck yes!!!!! We are excited.) Tomorrow morning I am substitute babysittig so Momma Bunny can go handle some government paperwork. They are going to leave me alone with a house full of immeasurably cute toddlers. I am done for. That's just dangerous, my poor ovaries are going to be screaming at the end "babies! babies! we want babies!" Then there's a day with a friend, and then my baby brother's university graduation (how is it already time for that??) and time spent packing and moving.


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