Saturday, March 24, 2012


Spring is most definitely in the air. It's cliche, but it's also true. The last bit of the weak winter we've had seems to be quickly transitioning into spring. It's supposed to be 26*C tomorrow. That's like, June weather. How is it June weather already????

It's weather that means I get to start re-evaluating my wardrobe staples. Sitting on the porch with a book, wearing a pink jersey dress*, legs bare. All my lovely skirts and dresses can get a little bit more play, sweaters can move to the back of the closet as blouses and t shirts become more the norm. Aaaaand, I get to open the Old Jeans drawer and see if there's anything worth pulling out.

There have been various pairs of summer pants over the years. Capris, clamdiggers, long shorts, cut off jeans. Somehow, thanks to my ever-fluctuating weight, I do not seem to own two pairs of summer pants in the same size. I very rarely spend two summers in the same size, more to the point. With spring weather on the horizon, it seemed to me that I should go see if there were any old pants to fall in love with.

Ohhhhhhh, and there were. Were there ever. So thank you to my nineteen year old self for knowing how to pick out a decent pair of jeans.

Clamdiggers. Dark indigo, which is so versatile. A fairly straight leg cut. No belt loops. (Key, as I don't wear belts except as accent pieces.) The fit? Pretty darn decent.

Let me count the ways I have either enjoyed or dreamed of enjoying these pants since I have rescued them:
  • With flats graphic tees for a casual day, maybe with a light scarf (you know I love those, right?)
  • With a nice top and heels for a night out
  • With the orange leather jacket, while walking the dog
  • With a blazer and tee shirt for a lunch with my moms (this needs to happen) 
These pants have me excited. I want to wear them, and that's pretty important in a piece of clothing right now. I want clothes that jump out of my closet and say wear me. I want new (or, rediscovered as the case may be) clothes that fit with my current wardrobe and immediately inspire me to choose outfits. Isn't that how clothes should make us feel? Excited to wear them and inspired by all the options?

An honest evaluation of the pants tells me that in and of themselves, they are not amazing. They are damn good pants, that fit well, flatter my body (and my butt) and make me feel good about how I look. But they aren't statement pieces. These pants are the sort of basics you build a wardrobe around: something that plays well in a variety of contexts, with many different styles and pieces.

Plus, it's nice to have a third pair of pants that fit.

On another note, I think I need to give in and buy some earrings. I've been lusting over silver hoop earrings since Christmas. Three months of dreaming should be met with reward.

*Remind me to tell you about this dress sometime. I'm pretty sure I was wearing it the first time Bunny ever noticed me as an adult. Plus, it's worth all of the million compliments it earns me.

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