Monday, March 26, 2012

outfit 4: a night on the town

It's March, but based on the weather I'd say it's May or June. It's also Canadian Music Week or Music Fest (I know what's going on, really I do - I promise!) and Bunny's best friend's band was playing the Cadillac Lounge. A Thursday, and a night on the town? Craziness. Clearly I needed to step up my game.

So, I thought about things a bit, and clearly I needed to wear my trouser jeans. Dark indigo, long enough for boots, and a great neutral that goes with everything else. With the jeans, it seemed only fair that I'd wear simple black boots. The simplest black, square toe, square heeled boots you've ever seen. Have I ever mentioned how much I gravitate to square or almond toes on shoes and boots?

An old top. A great top - brown and rose, lightly patterned, smocked hemline, peasant neckline. This top always makes me happy; the fabric is loose and drapey in such a way that suggests, rather than shows. I just think I look damn good in it. Throw on a hand-made necklace and the terra cotta leather jacket and things were looking good.

It was a great outfit. Dressed nicely for a night on the town, a little bit of polish and edge added by the jacket. But also sort of an every-day comfortable.

Also: If you ever have the chance to see Dirty Penny play, go. The lead singer, bless his soul, likes to do something completely original every single show. Last night? He was a giant mattress. It slayed me.

Final Note: I'm such a little old lady, I ordered a vodka seven when we got to the bar, and after my first couple of sips turned to Bunny and said "This is pretty heavy on the vodka" as if that were a problem. Poor vodka seven, it didn't do anything wrong.

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