Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Excitement on the Horizon

Today, I have exciting things going on as far as the job hunt goes. Which reminds me that I'm currently unemployed.

Sometimes, being unemployed sucks, right? Yeah we all know that tune. It becomes very important to keep yourself busy and socialized, or else you run the risk of turning into a hermit who talks to cats like they are people. Wait, what?

There's been more effort put forth lately to keep in contact and make plans with friends, which is harder for me than it should be. There's a recognition that perhaps I need to find more things to do in the neighbourhood, and that there are some initiatives that my co-op has that I could get involved in to make my life more enriched. (Next week I'm hoping to get into a meals program that cooks in our co-op centre weekly and sells the meals at-cost to community members living on their own. It's my kind of thing.) It's realizing that "oh shit, I haven't returned that email from two weeks ago" and apologizing. It's saying "hey, the last few times we've made plans you've come here, why don't I hop on the train this time."

It's considering shelling out $200 for pottery or yoga classes even though I'm really trying to be more careful with my money. I really should just do it.

In all this planning and trying to fill the hours, it's also important that I get excited about the things I do plan and those things that are just past the horizon by are going to be super fun.

It's thinking about going out for drinks for Bunny's friend's birthday next week.

Or going to the opera in April. (That excitement's been building since Christmas.)

Taking advantage of the occasional daily deal, spending some money even though it hurts, and getting tickets to go see Avenue Q with friends this summer.

I'm excited. Good things are coming.

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