Monday, March 05, 2012

Closet Overhaul: The Pink Cardigan

So, I think I mentioned that when I was in Mississauga last week that a new cardigan was purchased. It's a fairly simple one: crew cut neck, zip front, no embellishment or decoration. Simple mid-tone pink in colour.

Nothing special, right? Except for the fact that it kind of is. This is the sort of piece that my wardrobe really needs. It fills a big role, and broadens my horizons. After I got home, I went pretty much straight to my closet and looked at what outfits I would put together with it. Happily, the answer was so many. Here's a short list of some favourites I plan on rocking:

  1. Cardigan + Dress. This works with no less than 3 of my dresses. It's a nice way to dress things down.
  2. Cardigan + Jeans + Tank Top. Or t shirt. Or camisole. It pulls together a much more casual look into something somewhat polished.
  3. Cardigan + Flower Shirt + Dress pants (or skirt). This is a little more "dressing up" something that I haven't found a specific way to wear. I have this great pink and black flowered wrap top that just feels too naked on its own so I rarely wear. I'm feeling a little bit stoked to wear it together.
All in all, I'm quite pleased that I was able to buy a cardigan that makes at least three completely different outfits, and only set me back $6. I almost wished that I had grabbed a few different colours.

I wish it had a bit more interest to it, but I'm sure I could fix that. I find myself half tempted to go out and buy some sequins to jazz it up with. Cause, you know, if it's boring I can dress it up myself. I'm thinking that this would also be well served by a nice brooch or a strand of pearls.

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