Thursday, March 01, 2012

everyday dinners

You know those recipes that find their way into your oven week after week, month after month? The ones that are just the easiest fallbacks ever? Those are some of our favourites around here. We go back to them again and again. Recipes you make without looking at ingredient lists, mostly just by feel.

Those tend to be the favourites, here at least. It's fun to change things up, but really, these are our own version of comfort food. The things we make a million times over.

We have a more than a few of these, and they're just so darned easy. Here's a selection:
  • Roasts of any sort. These are our easiest go-to.
  • Quiche! My mother taught me to make this so long ago I don't even remember how I learned. The great thing about quiche is you can go simple or fancy, traditional or just whatever's in the fridge. It's also not significantly more work to make two quiches than it is to make one, and they freeze beautifully. Also - I am sad to note that I haven't attempted to give you my quiche recipe yet. Don't worry, we'll work on that.
  • Macaroni and cheese. Swoon.
  • Fried Rice. This one surprises me, because I only started playing with this out of curiousity, but it's fast become one of Bunny's favourites.
  • Soups. Butternut squash is our go to .... and we'll hopefully be re-attempting the sweet and spicy butternut soup soon. But anything works: broccoli, leeks, potatoes, carrot, anything. Even when soup's not that great it's easy.
  • Chicken and gravy. Champagne gravy. Any kind of gravy. This is just easy and fun.
  • Pasta of any kind. It's just easy.
The great thing, is that this list is ever growing, ever evolving. What I want to know, though, is what are your go-to favourites? What amazing everyday meals am I missing out on?

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