Tuesday, March 20, 2012

shopping day!

I think it goes without saying that this has been a hard week. If I can manage to keep my mind off of Cheyenne and how much that hurts and how terrible and guilty I feel for a couple of hours I'm doing well. It's hard to keep the last image I had of her from the backs of my eyelids. Keeping the TV or music on in the background helps a lot. I've been running around keeping super busy, simply because I want to be mindlessly busy. Going to bed if I'm not exhausted is almost asking for trouble. Originally we had plans three evenings this week. None of those really happened: I just couldn't handle the idea of going out and being social.

Friday though, Bunny asked what I wanted to do this weekend. I may be feeling pretty down in the dumps, but I really do need to get out and not just become a hermit. He knows I get like that and that sometimes I need to be pushed out of the house. His suggestion: a day out shopping.

A day wandering the streets of Toronto. Hitting his favourite clothing store for pants and a great chat with the owners, then off to Queen West for a little bit of everything. Weather warm enough to be able to wear my leather jacket and a dress, and the freedom of not having to be anywhere.

So, we wandered. We went to about a million different stores. I found the cutest dress, with a deer on a it, but decided that spending $150 on a dress right now wasn't in my best financial interests. We looked at art (including the neighbourhood map of Toronto that he's in love with) and furniture and discussed what we did and didn't like, and what we would be doing with some of the art we currently have and nee to hang. We oggled over heavy bottomed glasses and structural wine glasses. Talked about the sort of dishes that we want to register for.

I can't even remember how many stores we went into. Bunny hit a home run with the clothing shopping. At Black Market he grabbed three adorable graphic tees, and then he discovered Ironhead and fell in love with their screened workman's shirts. He even got two pairs of pants - sexy jeans and some simple shop pants that actually fit. I was a little more reserved, only picking up a great green and black patterned shirt and two books.

After that? We went out for our belated-Valentine's dinner. I'll tell you about the tiramisu later. It was that damn good.

All in all, Bunny came up with exactly the day I needed.

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