Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Closet Overhaul: The Green Sweater

Today I'm thinking about an older item in my closet. Picked up at RW while Boxing Day shopping two or three years ago, it's just a simple sweater. I easily have a dozen simple sweater, but this particular one is the best of the bunch.

Wool blend, and that fabric feels better than the others. (As it should, it's from a store with higher quality than any of my other sweaters.) It just sort of ... glides across my skin. The colour is lovely: a mossy, mid-tone green. Beautiful scoop neckline with a little bit of detail, and ribbed hemlines at the wrists and waist.

Nice, but nothing special.

But oh do I feel beautiful in this. Muted tones have always worked well on me (think dusty pinks and purples, subdued oranges), and green has always been my colour. Although it's crazy hard to find the right green, this sweater does it. Can we also just take a moment and say that this sweater makes my boobs look like a million bucks? Because oh wow do they look good. The neckline is just high enough to make a camisole unnecessary, but I can throw one on if I want the detail to poke out. It neither clings nor bags, as so many of my sweaters do, but just skims my body.

Basically what I'm saying is that I need about a hundred more of this sweater. I feel so damn good in this. It's no real secret that this is from a nicer store than I usually shop at and you can tell from the quality. I've bought a few items from there recently, and have been super impressed. The thing that sets this particular sweater apart, more than anything, is that it's better fabric, cut better, and it doesn't lose its shape in the wash. It's ruined cheap sweaters for me. (In fact, a few of them are currently in my "to donate" pile).

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