Monday, April 09, 2012

crafty projects

Lately I've practically had a needle and thread attached to my hand. I've been plowing through my latest cross stitch pattern (a really cute bunch of butterflies) at a speed that's a little bit surprising for me. Especially considering how long the last couple have taken me, I'm surprised how quickly this is going.

So quickly, in fact, that when we were in Barrie this weekend I stopped in at Walmart (ugh) to pick up supplies for my next couple of projects. Next on the list? Pillows! I'm finally starting the pillows! I have lovely fabric for two pillows (a silver and black pattern, and a pink/white/silver/black pattern) and I'm going to do one side of each fabric on both pillows. I'm excited.

Aaaannnnnd ... Bunny said we should register for a sewing machine. Heck yes we should! I'll make a million beautiful things.

We've also been talking about a few projects for the near future, in anticipation of the fact that we're intending on babies. (Yeah, yeah we are. Baby fingers make my heart twinge.) Little cross stitch pattern type things, easy ones. All I can think is how cute would it be to have a little collection of cross stitched animals hung on the wall for our baby when we have one.

Have I mentioned that I have baby fever? Because oh boy do I ever.

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