Saturday, April 07, 2012

shopping my freezer

I don't do so well with cooking for just two people. Luckily, Bunny and I both enjoy having leftovers for lunch and we have a huge chest freezer to hold any extras. We keep the freezer pretty stocked, between vacuum sealed cuts of meat from Costco and tupperwares full of leftovers. At any given time, we can count on the freezer having a quiche or two, leftovers from a couple of random dinners, and at least half a dozen containers of soup.

Once again, we haven't really gotten around to going grocery shopping this week. I've been a little bit consumed with some other projects and strangely haven't been dying to get into the kitchen, so we've been eating out of the freezer. Last night was a vegetable quiche, and the night before that was a barley lentil soup for me and cauliflower cheese soup for Bunny. His lunches have even been coming from the freezer this week, since I haven't been cooking in the evening. (Please note, I've still been making plenty of cookies. Nothing stops that.) The number of tupperware containers we have rescued is remarkable.

Annnnd, it makes room for us to make way for new leftovers in the freezer, when I'm back in a cooking mood. I love the rotation we get there.

So now my question for you: what are your favourite freezer-friendly recipes?

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