Tuesday, April 24, 2012

status update: change is in the air

Friday, was Bunny's last day of class. Almost twenty years after high school, and more than a decade after dropping out of college, he gets that fancy piece of paper saying he's completed a course of post-secondary education. The actual graduation ceremony, which I will attend grinning like an idiot, won't be until June, but right now I'm busy being proud of him.

Did I also mention he's graduating with an average that has to be in the 90s? My baby's a smarty pants.

What this all means, though, is a lot of changes around the house though. It also means more job-search stress than we know what to do with. I'm still languishing in the unemployed state. (Which, while stressful and known to cause great emotional discomfort is not without its benefits.) Bunny has yet to secure an apprenticeship position and is really stressed out. Right now we're waiting to hear back from one place, and he's putting together an application for a lead his instructors gave him. He's got his freelance going on, and is actually out on a lunch meeting now. His boss would happily take him full time, so we have some stability while we wait for things to sort themselves out. Really it would be nice if by the wedding we were both happy with our employment situations (it's a reasonable goal, I think).

So there's stress.

There's also, though, this giant change in that suddenly neither of us has anywhere to be during the day. I straggle out of bed at my usual time and he's just coming in from walking the dog. I put down the laptop to make a coffee and when I come back he's on the computer and won't give it back. It's a bit of a re-negotiation here: I have a routine that he's suddenly intruding on.

Except he's not intruding. It's his house too, I'm just not used to sharing this part of my day. I have to make space for him and recognize that I'm not in control all the time. I'm not always good at sharing, or compromise. I need to remember it's not ok to pout when other people don't want the exact same thing that I do all the time.

Right now we're at a place where life is going to be shuffling around a bit. We'll be keeping ourselves busy, and figuring out what changes we need to make when we're both around 24/7. I might have some very good plans for some of that time.

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