Friday, April 06, 2012

Outfits 5 & 6: Incorporating New Pieces

I've been a bit of a busy bee lately. Spring has sprung, and it seems to have brought my social life along with it. Coffee dates, sushi nights and general fun have been taking a bigger role in my life lately. The sort of occasions that call for a more casual style, and on recent outings two new items got some play.

The other weekend my university roommate and I went to a spa sampler (trying to sell us on their wedding packages, we decided to try them out). I wore an old staple, my favourite black and white graphic floral dress. I love this dress. Accessories were kept very simple: black boots and a wool coat, my silver heart pendant. I did, though, have to get a pop of colour into that outfit somehow. Remember the new pink cardigan? That, in addition to a fuschia camisole provided that pop. Because both bits of colour were in the same family it worked so easily. The look almost pulled itself together. It always feels fancy when I put on a dress, but really it's the simples of all possible outfits.

I can't always wear dresses, as much as I might like to. On a recent coffee date with a friend, I gave in to the lure of pants. The lure of trouser jeans. (Which are new, but don't really count.) Many elements were standard; I even wore the same boots and jacket as I'd worn with the dress. What I did get to add into it was the green and black patterned shirt I picked up recently. Add in my black and gold beaded necklace, which is quickly becoming one of my favourite accessories, and the look was done.

The best part about both of these outfits was that they allowed me to match new pieces with my existing wardrobe. It makes everything feel fresh and new, and it makes me feel comfortable that I've selected new items that will fit into my current closet.

How's the closet overhaul going, you ask? Quite well. New pieces are working with what I already love, and I've got a growing pile of "to donates". I'm getting rid of clothes I don't want to wear. Woo!

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