Tuesday, April 03, 2012

an interlude

So, ya'll know I write, right? Clearly it would seem, that's what I'm doing right this moment. I put pen to paper, press buttons on a keyboard. String words in a row. Sometimes my writing takes me down some less conventional roads.

Sometimes the words pour out of me with far less thought than I'd usually allow. They tumble out, in a different form than my usual prose. Every now and again I figure I might as well share.

Without further ado....

It is a moment
Trapped in a dream
A day, surrounded in light

Dreams loom on the horizon
Appearing larger than their reality
Larger than any possible reality

What could be
How that moment might feel
Dazzles like a promise

Carrot, dandled on a string
Could it ever come true
As it does in the dream?

Reality is a fickle beast
Dreams do not always come true
When the real world gets in the way

Happiness need not lay
So precariously
On whether dreams bloom

Sometimes the edge of real hazes
Our worlds merge
Dreams become reborn

As they take life on their own
Wings, formed unlike any
We had imagined

Our lives forever different
As we face the world, the truth
Of our dreams realized

So unlike our imaginings
They unfold, unwind
As more than we ever imagined

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