Friday, May 18, 2012

first-try shortbread

Not following recipes when baking is just plain stupid. I'm sure that none of you are surprised to hear that I do this all the time. Or that I gather up three or four recipes and pick and choose what I like from each.

Which is how I ended up with not-very-good lemon shortbread last week. An email has since been sent to my mother, begging for a copy of the family shortbread recipe from Christmases past, and then I will try again. This could take months. The recipe may even be lost. :(

I should have known I was headed for trouble. Things didn't turn out bad, per se, but it also wan't great. I have a decent idea of what I didn't like though: the flour to butter/sugar ratio. Too much flour, not enough butter. It was too dry, too crumbly. I tasted the flour, strongly. Things weren't mixed the way they should have been, and really, I just screwed up based on laziness. Apparently, I also should have gone with icing sugar, and far FAR less than I expected.

I was going to put the actual recipe up. There's no good reason to clog the internet up with a crappy recipe, though. That seems pretty pointless.

Anyone have a great shortbread recipe they can direct me towards?

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