Wednesday, May 23, 2012

life, an update

So Bunny and I are settled in at Momma Bunny's house now. We're staying here for another week, or two, or three. It's all very up in the air. Even more, we're quite seriously exploring the possibility of moving into Momma Bunny's (and my mom's) city. (As in the city where I grew up and hate. But family is there.)

We're doing ok. The visits have slowed down and we've been able to have some family time, just quietly dealing. My brother even came up from the Niagara region last night, so I've had some time with him.

His sister and her fiance and daughter got on the plane to Jamaica yesterday, and we're excited for them to come back married next Tuesday. One of the family aunts has gone with them, as well as his family from the States and a bunch of their friends. So they'll have a good time.

We're having a good visit. A very lonely and quiet visit at times though.

I'm of course dancing around the reason of the visit, because it's hard to write and uncomfortable and sad and complicated and it just makes me f*cking mad. So let's just get this out:

Last week Bunny's father woke up to a very severe stroke. The family called 911, did chest compressions, prayed ... and we had a very long day at the hospital. The clot was in the main artery (the basal artery?) feeding the brain, and the doctors did everything they could, including treatment regimes that he didn't qualify for, before they were able to confirm that he was brain dead.

My father in law died last week.

So we're here, dealing. Just breathing, you know? So updates and recipes and ramblings will come, but right now? We're just taking things one moment at a time.


  1. I'm so sorry for you and Bunny. My condolences. I've only followed your blog for a short time, so I don't know the specifics, but I can imagine how sad it must be to now suddenly face a wedding without such a pivotal figure as one of your parents (in law).

    I wish you, Bunny and your families much strength!

    1. Thank you. It's been a rough situation for all of us, but we're getting through it. The kind wishes are *very* much appreciated.