Saturday, May 12, 2012

project update: pillows

So, you know how I'm making accent pillows? Yes? I've actually got some decent work done on that lately.

Which is saying something, because it means that making pillows has to be more exciting than the slew of other options I have for things to do (I mean I could cook, do laundry, wash dishes, cross stitch, play Kinect, read, write, play with the puppy or a whole bunch of other things) and given that I'm sewing them by hand, I have to in the mood to put a fair bit of time into them.*

I've been in a pillow-y mood the last few days though, so I've put in some serious sewing time. (Mostly while watching Paranormal Activity and Game of Thrones, because I can.) Lo and behold, the first pillow is almost done. As in, ready for stuffing.

Dude! I have almost made a pillow!

I'm thinking that maybe finished pillows will finally merit a picutre? People like pictures, yes?

*A sewing machine will come. In fact, I almost got one for my birthday. But we are not bringing another decently sized appliance into this house until we have room for it. Which means reclaiming a big portion of the office. And there are lots of little projects/purchases before that happens.

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