Wednesday, May 09, 2012

mid-week happy break

  • When Bunny makes a big production of dancing around the living room on his way to kiss me
  • Getting to stop in at "the office" and kiss Bunny midday
  • Delivering the beverage of choice for his coffee break
  • The way Jethro smacks his jaws together, twice, when he's really excited about/impatient for a walk
  • My future mother-in-law's banana bread
  • The dish rack full of freshly cleaned dishes
  • Calling back to say "I love you" less than ten seconds after hanging up the phone from an angry/frustrated/annoyed/mean conversation
  • The smell of my home in the evening
  • My heirloom clock
  • Our sideboard/mantleplace with the collection of original artwork, antlers, animal skulls, Cheyenne's Paw Print, a stuffed Angry Bird, a globe that's actually a cigarette holder, a cat's ashes, a bowl of change/jewellery and the sphinx. It's an odd collection, but it's perfectly us
  • Thinking about a new series of Doctor Who
  • Getting to know Bunny's family better at his sister's bachelorette
  • My morning latte
  • Parmigiana-Reggiano
  • The mess that is my coffee table
  • Pashminas and scarves
  • My new vintage cocktail dress
  • Getting interrupted for doggy kisses
  • Christopher Moore books

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