Wednesday, May 30, 2012

life, and happiness

With everything that's been going on lately, it's hard to find things to smile about, but we've been plugging along at it. There are a few things, though, that deserve special mention.

  1. Bunny's sister is married! She got married in Jamaica on Friday afternoon (we told her there was no way in all heck we were letting her change those plans) and we are all thrilled for her.
  2. I am marrying into the best family ever. I already knew this, but this past week has really driven that home. And woah, is that a wonderful thing.
  3. The care and support we've been overwhelmed with, whether it be from family, neighbours, our friends nearby, friends from the internet, down to the care we received at the hospital and funeral home.
  4. Poppa Bunny is home. His urn is beautiful, and he's in the living room. Later we will spread some of his ashes in his favourite fishing and hunting spots (including the spot where he shot his one and only urn.)
  5. Being surrounded by the people who love us. Right now, that's important.
  6. The freedom that being unemployed/freelancing has given Bunny and I to be where we need to be while all this is happening.
  7. My new blue dress that Bunny adores. Seeing him happy is really good.
  8. Decisions Bunny and I have made regarding our future that are still very private, but we're very excited about. This has thrown a lot of perspective on some things.
  9. The pictures. Oh lord, the pictures. They are by turns heart breaking (Poppa Bunny with his only grandchild, which are beautiful but I can barely stand to see) and hilarious (Poppa Bunny wearing my mother's dirty panties on his head, and the lead up there. That was, oh, fifteen years ago) and going through them has been good.
  10. Valentino Rossi coming in second at Le Mans this past Sunday. The Doctor is in the house!
Ten is good. If I can think of ten things that make me happy right now, I'm good.

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