Thursday, May 24, 2012

so much food

Right now, we're focusing on the mundane, because that's about all we can handle.

As we've been camping out at Momma Bunny's, I haven't had much of an opportunity to cook anything. The house has been full and overflowing with people stopping by to pay respects and check up on everyone, and we're rather overwhelmed with the kindness and care being shown to us.

The first few days there has been pizza delivery (at the ICU nurses' insistence before we left), and then hot dogs and hamburgers to feed the crowds. Since then? Well, Momma Bunny cooked one day for normalacy, but we have fridges and freezers overflowing with casseroles and pork chops and meat loafs and mac and cheese and muffins and bagels and salad and fruit plates and . We had to move some of the food over to my mom's house because there's just no room.

We've just been showered with people wanting to love and take care of us. The only cooking I'll really be doing up here is my mac and cheese, at Momma Bunny's request.

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