Monday, July 02, 2012

life, and lessons in fast food

Funnily enough, when spending the entire weekend on the road, driving, packing, loading the truck and trailer and then driving back to unload and then to wash, rinse, repeat Bunny and I haven't had time to really eat a lot of real food. We're too exhausted to cook, and our schedules don't let us really take advantage of our moms' cooking.

So we've eaten fast food, a lot. It's not something I'm a fan of, really. And while I don't mind eating copious amounts of fat or sugar, I'd rather have more control of what exactly I'm putting in my body. And I'm pretty sure there's no nutritional content in a cheeseburger from Wendy's.

As it happens though, fast food is not a fan of me either. Last weekend while moving we ate three meals on the road, and we hit every rest stop on the 400. We had breakfast from Timmies, dinner from Wendy's and breakfast from McDonald's. The funny thing: every single one of them screwed up my order, and pretty spectacularly. I mean, I know I'm picky, but is it so hard to make a Bacon and Egg McMuffin? Or to give me my single cheeseburger with no tomato? Or even to not burn my coffee? Apparently so.

I'm taking it as a sign: I'm really not supposed to be eating fast food, and fast food knows it.

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