Thursday, July 05, 2012

life, at the moms'

Living with my mom again is strange, but for the most part I like it. Really, it's made even better by the fact that not only is Momma Bunny right next door but Bunny and I have also turned the basement into our bedroom/hangout. It works really well. If I want to be alone, I have a place to go. If I want to be with people but not my mom, I have a place to go. If I just want to chill with my mom, I can do that too.

The hardest part is sharing Bunny. I'm used to having him all to myself, and not only does he work more now (between the mechanic job and the freelance) but the time he does have gets shared around more. Because I don't sleep well I tend to stay in bed until after he's gone, and now he goes and spends his morning with his momma. After work, we sometimes spend some time by ourselves, but just as often we go and hang out with his mom. And his childhood best friend lives twenty minutes away, and is by to see Momma Bunny on a daily basis, and spends time here with Bunny as well.

We've figured out our own routine, a much earlier "bed time" than we used to have, that's really just "go downstairs and be together and alone time". We spend time with our families, but generally together. Although when it gets really funny is some nights I go visit his mom while he stays here and hangs out with my mom. Figure that one out!

The thing that surprises me is how much fun this is. How much I enjoy hanging out with parents. I get to laugh at Bunny and his neice being complete goofballs together, and join in. Some evenings are spent sitting on porches with his family and my mom just talking and laughing. During the day, I can creep over to Momma Bunny's house and spend time with her and the kids she babysits. There's nothing quite as sweet as hugs from toddlers, and my days are filled with those.

It's just fun. I like it.

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