Wednesday, July 18, 2012

things that make me happy

It's been a nice week or so around here, and I wanted to take a minute to celebrate a few things that have made me happy lately. So here goes!

  • Drive in movie dates. Or, drive in movie double dates with my in laws. Super fun times were had by all, even if we did fall asleep during parts of Avengers
  • Bunny's ring, which has been bought. What, you mean it's time we get this party started already?
  • Fireflies! There were fireflies and they are beautiful!
  • Downtown on a beach. I haven't managed to make my way there this year, yet, but it's one of my favourite parts of Barrie.
  • MotoGP Season! I love me my races, and I love watching them together with Bunny even more.
  • Garage sales! Great stuff, for under cheap prices and all the fun of trying to find it.
  • Lightweight blazers. Because nothing feels as professional as a blazer.
  • Having a reason to dress up professionally. Heck yes!
  • Finding another one of Bunny's tickle spots. This one may be even weirder than the belly button.
  • New jeans! Jeans that fit. Skinny jeans and boot cut jeans and having options of what to wear on my bottom.
  • New dresses. I've got some serious cuteness going on in my closet.
  • Credit for shoes. SHOES! I like me some shoes.
  • Having a laundry machine. This appliance makes my life complete, and it makes me sad to know that we won't have one once we move out. I love doing laundry here! (Just not putting it away.)
  • Puppycuddles! Always top of the list, really.
  • Bunny being super happy with the shop he's working at. It's refreshing to see him happy with his work situation again.
  • New opportunities and changes on the horizon, and hitting home.
  • Surviving six months of shitstorms. Coming out stronger on the other end.
How about you? What's awesome that's going on in your life lately?

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