Monday, July 09, 2012

new clothes

I've had a woefully sad wardrobe the past little while. It still needs some pruning. Really, I need to try on everything I own again and figure out what still fits. More things don't fit than do, lately. I really shouldn't be complaining, because it's also a sign that I'm getting closer to being at a healthy weight that I'm completely comfortable with. But having clothes that are too big is a sneaky, insidious little problem. I say "oh, they 'still fit'" because I can get them over my body.

But when the pants won't stay up and the shoulders are constantly falling off, maybe it's time to reconsider. I also have an excuse to be buying new clothes, though I'll let you in on that one later.

So Bunny and I spent part of the long weekend acquiring new clothes. I did pretty well, and I feel like I came home with enough basics (and a few "specials") that I can use to create a dozen or two complete outfits. So I could maybe show up the same place everyday without looking like I'm wearing the same outfit everyday. Even if I totally am.

How'd I do? Well, a roundup of my closet reveals that I have come home with:

  • 3 summer blazers (in coral, royal blue, and white). Toss one on over any basics (even a tank top and jeans) and they take things from casual to slightly professional and a little bit stylish.
  • 2 pairs of jeans. I have a confession, and I'm not so proud of it: I've been buying my jeans from Old Navy for about a decade. I'm cheap when it comes to jeans, and I don't generally love the idea of spending out my ass for them. (Although I have been drooling over Silver for awhile, and might buy a dress pair in the future.) It's hard to find well fitting, decently made jeans. Old Navy does that, and I don't argue with the fact that they fit. So I bought a pair of my standard bootcut jeans, and (since they were on sale) I got all experimental and got some super skinnies too. This brings me to a total of 5 pairs of wearable pants. One pair dress pants, one pair capris that are too big but I can still make work, and three pairs of jeans ... although the one pair are so pale blue that I feel like I'm sixteen when I put them on. (Granted, I was nineteen when I bought that pair.)
  • A super cute fooler dress. White, sleeveless satin top part with a grey skirt and black trim. It's super cute, looks put together and I can add some pizazz to it as an outfit by wearing it with the coral or blue blazer.
  • A sun dress. That I can totally wear as a skirt. Just for lounging about.
  • Basic tank tops, because everyone needs basic tank tops.
I'm super excited. About the clothes, and the reason for them. Having new clothes that do fit, though, makes me feel much more prepared to get rid of some of the clothes that don't.

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