Wednesday, August 01, 2012

exhausted, part 2

Life if catching up to me right now. I'm tired all the time. I'm capable of taking a four hour nap and sleeping through the night. I get up in the morning just fine, but I feel like a veritable zombie for about the first three hours I'm awake.

But things here are getting back to the good. It's taken awhile, and I'm sure there will still be twists and turns and moments where there's nothing I can do to fix things or even make myself feel better. Which is ok. You know, life is not always going to be amazing. And all the cr*p hands I've had dealt in the last little while? Well, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Or reminds you of how strong you actually are. All the bull has also served to make me feel a whole lot more grateful about the things that are wonderful in my life.

There are exciting plans in the works for the next few weeks. We had friends up from out of town last weekend and ran around having loads of fun picking berries, going to the flea market and playing mini putt. Bunny gets to go up north next weekend and get something of a real vacation, even if only for a weekend (I have to work, so no fun up north for me) which I think he desperately needs.

Even the fun is exhausting, really. I have some real limits on how much of anything I can take in a given day right now, and they're much stricter limits than usual. I need more downtime. I need more sleep.

But! I have a day and a half off. That's time to sleep in, take lots of naps, go to bed early, and maybe (just maybe) pull out the mixer and try out some new recipes. I miss that.

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