Friday, August 03, 2012

skinny jeans: a love affair

I have something to admit here. I'm just a little bit embarrased about it, though. See, I bought these new jeans, recently. They were on sale, and they were the a really nice dark indigo colour that I look for in jeans. They fit, and they were comfortable. Mostly they were on sale and I was feeling adventurous.

I've spent decades saying that I would never wear skinny jeans. I bought into the What Not To Wear kool-aid that taught for so many years that pants with any type of taper are universally unflattering. Somehow I had this idea in my head like even if skinny jeans weren't horrible, they could only possibly work on tall people, people with legs up to there. I'm short, my legs are stumpy, and my thighs (currently) are my least-loved body part. Clearly, skinny jeans would not be my thing.

Except they kind of are. I like how I look in them. I like how I feel in them. Like I'm not afraid to make daring clothing choices. (Even though, in the grand scheme of things, skinny jeans are not that daring.) I feel like, in skinny jeans, I'm not afraid of my body. I'm not trying to hide myself, even if I'm covered.

Along that line, here's what I think the old rhetoric against skinny jeans get wrong. Skinny jeans don't do anything to disguise the natural line of our bodies. They don't hide our legs, they don't do any visual tricks to make us look slimmer or cleaner or balanced differently from how we actually are. Skinny jeans are true to our bodies. They don't hide things.

I like how I look in skirts, with my legs showing. I like how I look naked, even if I might tweak a few things here and there. Why wouldn't I like how I look in skinny jeans?

How about you? Have you ventured into the world of skinny jeans? Do they get a yay or a nay?

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