Friday, August 31, 2012


Things around here have been taking a very marked swing for the better. Bunny and I decided to stop driving ourselves crazy and make some decisions that are right to no one but us and our immediate family (and gosh darn but I'm a little overwhelmed with how supportive they were). We've been inundated by so much sorrow and so many sad things and just so many changes and upheavals in general this year that we decided it was time to drown things out in joy.

Just a day or two of pure unadulterated happiness with no one but each other. I've got to tell you, it worked.

Doing the big happy has sort of rebalanced my mind, a little bit. I feel like the universe is more as it should be and having the happies to offset all the hard has really helped spin my brian and my heart around into a more peaceful place.

In everyday conversation I can even mention the big sad stuff in a casual, matter of fact way without needing to have a nervous breakdown. Which maybe, just maybe, means I'm about ready to talk about it here. (Now I just need to figure out what to say.) So I'd expect some announcements to pop up here soon, both pulling back the curtain on the big upsetting thing I've been worked up about and confirming what you may already suspect about the big happy.

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