Thursday, August 02, 2012


About a month back, Bunny and I were running around doing some shopping for me (buying a million blazers) before I started that new job that I'm super excited about. We were mosying along the mall, enjoying ourselves without too much expectation for the day until a sly idea popped into my head that changed everything.

"Hey, since we're here do you want to go see your sister?" His sister, being the lady who works at the jewellery store where we bought my rings. So visiting her has some very ulterior motives.

The plan was to just get him to start to look at some rings. Get some ideas in his head. I wasn't quite prepared for him to actually choose his ring. But choose his ring he did, and easily.

Tungsten carbide, for the motorcycle mechanic. More than slightly fitting.

It's actually a little bit fancier than I expected he'd go for. It's got some textural contrast, some stripes. It's really quite beautiful. And what do you know, but the price worked out to be, almost exactly, the amount of cashola I had sitting in my wallet at the time.

So Bunny has his ring. Now we just need to get some of these legalities taken care of, so he can start wearing it. (And we've got a plan on that, don't you worry!)

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