Thursday, August 30, 2012

The other morning I cleaned up all my jewellery, dragged out my jewellery box and actually filled it. Well, to say I cleaned up all the jewellery isn't accurate as all the costume stuff is packed up in plastic baggies in the "bathroom box" out in my mother in law's garage, but I did deal with all of my "good" jewellery.

Which is a pretty strange mix. I'm not a fan of too much overstated jewellery and like to keep even my statement pieces somewhat simple. I don't own a whole lot of the stuff, simply because I don't wear too much. I'm starting to want to branch out into a little more everyday jewellery that's actually nice but still somewhat understated (which is a very fine line!) and it's got me taking stock of what I actually do own and love.

About two thirds of my "good" jewellery is handmade, by either me or my mom. Gemstone and semi-precious stones strung into patterns with all sorts of sparkly little crystals. Of the remainder, half are hand me downs and half are gifts. I've literally never bought good jewellery for myself. (I do someday plan on remedying this, but I need to figure out what I want before I do that.)

The box has three small drawers full of these pieces, as well as a small ring section that's almost entirely filled (where did I get so many fancy rings? I don't even wear rings other than my engagement ring and wedding band as a general rule) and two little doors that open to hang short chains and lockets on.

It's very nice to have everything stored nicely now, but I'm already thinking I need a new solution. I could throw a couple more brooches or pairs of earrings there, and I have room for another couple of chains to hang. But I couldn't possibly fit much more in than that. For someone who doesn't wear much in the way of jewellery it's a little bit surprising to me that I've almost run out of space in the jewellery case already. I already need a bigger storage solution, but that seems crazy.

How extensive is your jewellery collection? What sort of storage solution works best for you?

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