Monday, August 13, 2012

summer obsession: old dresses

Dresses are, hands down, my favourite part of the summer season. I keep wearing them through the year, styling them with pantyhose or tights or leggings, but dress season really is summer. Really, some of my lighter dresses are only appropriate for summer.

I tend to buy a couple new dresses every year. Every year I get most excited about my newest dresses. Without fail, every year, the dresses I receive the most compliments on? My old dresses. The one I bought the year before, or five years before that. My most complimented dress this summer is a jersey goddess-style I dress I bought from Walmart about seven years back. That gets more compliments than any of the new dresses from this year. Second most complimented? A simple fooler dress I bought last year.

Understanding this has really affected what I look for in a dress. Trendy doesn't seem to fly for me, and trendy dresses are out of style so quickly. What does work for me? Simple and classic. Fun cuts, even trendy cuts, work if they're in neutral or timeless colours. Obviously of-the-moment patterns can be pulled off, if they're in very timeless cuts. I know from experience that if I purchase something with an empire waist or a fooler or shift style that I will continue to get compliments on it for years. I'm still learning what other styles are timeless on me.

And, while I've mentioned it before it does bear repeating: wearing a dress is perhaps the simplest way to look chic and pulled together when you don't have time and don't feel like expending a lot of energy. By and large dresses look fancy just by virtue of being dresses. Throw on a blazer or cardigan and some cute shoes, instant put-together!

Today was simple: sheath dress, picked up at a garage sale a few years back for $5, which is pretty hard to beat. Grey pinstriped pencil-style skirt and a black fooler top. I threw on a cropped black blazer and some wedged sandals and I was done.

Do you like wearing dresses? If so, what are your favourite styles and cuts of dresses?

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