Friday, October 12, 2012

boots, oh dear lord but the boots

I was not supposed to buy boots last weekend. I was not supposed to buy boots last weekend. Guess what I bought last weekend? Kind of slashed the budget to smithereens, but the price was phenomenal ($65, real leather, brand that I trust to last and be comfortable - this is less than what Payless was advertising), the boots were perfect, and I am a weak willed woman when faced with beautiful boots.

I've been promising myself a new pair of everyday boots for awhile. I have multiple pairs of black boots (from delicate calf length to gothy-stompy-fun to practical to dress), and a handful of fun coloured calf length boots, but I am somehow completely and utterly bereft of brown boots. (Until now, that is). So of course the past two winters I've told myself that I could buy brown boots. One pair of beautiful brown boots.

Except everytime I see a pair I like they've been $200, and maybe I'm cheap but that was just not happening. Maybe, maybe $150 but I'd have to be crazy in love with the boots, they'd have to be real leather and possibly even brand name to warrant that price. This last weekend? I didn't even mean to end up in the outlet mall, but we were already there and it would have been just ridiculous to leave without at least stopping in Coach and Nine West.* And then once I struck out there, clearly I needed to stop in Danier and in every other shoe store in the mall.

Finally, when there was only one store left, and it was the comfortable shoe store, I said "well, self, you've gone in every shoe store up to now. might as well check this one out just in case." And what do you know, not only did they have some knee high, cognac leather smoking hot heeled boots, but they were less tan $100 full price and they were giving out 30% off coupons.

Can I just say, these are smoking hot. And together with the skinny jeans? Boo ya. (Or at least, I'm pretty sure that's what Bunny's been saying when he manages to drag his chin off the store). It's interesting lines, and its sexy and I just feel hawt. These boots are making me want to go out and buy more skinny pants, because I want to show them off so much. (Also, they co ordinate with the new bag I treated myself to. NBD.)

*Note to self: don't walk into Coach if I don't intend to walk out with a purse. That's just dangerous right there.

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