Monday, October 15, 2012

the lips have colour

Do you wear lipstick? (Or lip gloss? Or anything more than chapstick, really?)

I have a fairly developed makeup routine, I like playing around with the stuff using it to smooth things out and playing with colours on my eyes. I've figured my way out around concealer and foundations and powders and blush and about a million different eye products because making my eyes prettier is my favourite thing. What I haven't really figured out is lipstick. I mean I'm so at odds with the stuff I didn't even wear it when we got married.

Which is odd, because lipstick had been my first foray into makeup. My mom used lipstick, from Amway in Venetian Plum (always the same) as the lynchpin of her makeup routine and I grew up with her not leaving the house without at least lipstick and earrings on. So why the heck haven't I figured out lipstick?

I have some great lipsticks, colours just a little richer than my own lip colour that feel smooth going on. I even know how to apply them, in three different ways, and how to blot excess off and make the main bit stick better.

Two issues bog me down with wearing lip colour though: it never stays in place once I start to eat (and I drink and nibble throughout the day), and more importantly I always feel "fake" in it. It looks so clearly different from who I am that I figure everyone must think I look like I'm trying to hard in it. Which is completely backward, because when I see lipstick on other women and I adore the look, but I just don't have the confidence to carry it off myself.

Any lipstick fans here? What do you like about it? How do you get it to work for you?


  1. This post reminded me of my mom... I remember as children whenever we saw my mom putting on lipstick we knew we had to stick close to her if we wanted a ride out of the house with her.
    As for makeup... I barely wear any, and I find eyes specially hard (I sometimes put on some mascara and eyeliner on my low lid but that's about it).
    On the other hand... for the lips I love peach-transparent colors that look quite natural. Right now I really like "Pure Color Crystal" from Estee Lauder in Ripe papaya. Ok I now I sound like a commercial but I love the scent and I love the color... while staying transparent almost.

    1. Sounds like we had very similar experiences with our moms and their makeup. It's funny how strongly the memory of my mom doing her morning "face" sticks out to me as a memory growing up.

      I'll have to check out the Estee Lauder recommendation! I'm determined that one day I will find a way to make lip colour work for me, even if I don't work it into my every day routine.

  2. My mother never ever wears makeup. (She also uses Head and Shoulders as her only face product.) So I grew up in a makeup vacuum, and still can't wear lip products. I just feel ... weird. And they are gone in like 2 minutes anyway - I chew my lips a lot.

    I do like, the few times I wear stuff, clinique's black honey almost lipstick. I hear it's a universally flattering shade - it looks just like an intense version of my own lips, and because it doesn't go on too thickly, even I can apply it on the go.

    1. I have the same problem with lipstick staying. As much as I have tricks to help keep the lip colour on I still find that it's constantly wearing off way to quickly. Even the long last lip colours are gone in about an hour, max, on me.

      Next time I'm at Clinique I'll take a look at the almost lipstick. Apply on the go is definitely a must have for something that needs to be reapplied so often!