Wednesday, October 10, 2012

crafting notes, and favourite things

So this quilting this? Or, at least piecing the quilt blocks? This is way, way easier than I'd expected it to be. Use some tools to measure and cut correctly, and then sew some straight lines. Iron some stuff, sew more straight lines, move on to the next block. Seriously, this is easy. Of course in all fairness I'm doing easy blocks, no triangular bits or curved lines (but I have been doing some blocks-within-blocks to test things out) but still. This is easy. (Disclaimer: this is easy for people who can sew and like to do so.) I've got almost a dozen quilting blocks made at this point, and it's not so easy.

I love that I have this simple enough thing to do with my hands when I'm sitting around watching tv, or just chatting with the family. I love that at different points it requires more or less concentration. (More concentration? Measuring, cutting and marking seams. Less concentration? Sewing the seams.) I love how every day I can be doing something different but I'm still, you know, making a quilt.

It's fun to get to show off the pieces and have my sister in law and my niece ask to see updates and want to know exactly what it is I'm working on at the moment, or to help me decide how to put the blocks together.

I'm still figuring out just how big this quilt is going to be. I've kind of run out of two of my base fabrics, and this thing isn't yet going to be as big as I want it, so I'll need to get more. The question is how much more.

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