Wednesday, October 24, 2012

zombie brain

I've had insomnia my entire life. As in I clearly remember the same poor sleep behaviours, and inability to sleep going way back to when I was about six years old. I have never been a good sleeper.

Having Bunny in bed with me often helps. Just being able to cuddle up to him or be snuggled, and because he's such an easy sleeper I have the sound of his breathing to help lull me to sleep. The last four years I have had more productive sleep than in my entire life.

I have a number of little "rules" that I've been known to employ to promote good sleep at night. Even though I love a good nap, when my sleep is going downhill I avoid them like the plague because they make it even harder for me to get a full night's sleep. I adore my caffeine, but don't touch the stuff in the afternoon. When Bunny and I had our own apartment our bedroom was for sleep and sex only - there was no other reason we'd be in there, and although we had a tv there we didn't use it. Currently that rule doesn't work, so I've adjusted it so that the bed is for nothing but sleep or sex.

Rules or no rules, I'm sleeping terribly lately. I've been lying awake at least half the night and I just can't fall asleep. After four years of mostly good sleep this is driving me nuts. Apparently I've forgotten how to properly function as an insomniac.

Are you a good sleeper? What habits help you get a good night's sleep, and how do you function without one?

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