Thursday, October 04, 2012

crafting notes

You guys? I'm loving this quilting thing. It's as much fun as I'd hoped, and a lot easier than I thought it would be. I'm a little surprised at how quickly I can knock out these blocks and how awesome they look when I'm done. Of course, I'm totally acknowledging that I'm only doing simple things and it's a little amateur, but it's so darned cool!

A couple of quilting notes to myself, for future reference:

  • if the pieces don't fit exactly the size I need, it's still possible to make it work as long as there's a small seam allowance
  • maybe I make my seam allowances too large (which is an expensive problem in the way of fabric waste)
  • dressmaker's chalk pencils are amazing, and are so much more effective (and faster!) than masking tape for marking off fabrics with dark backings
  • rotary cutters are amazing both for speed and accuracy
  • my need for everything to match and have an exactly perfect pattern must be suspended. embrace the slightly chaotic
  • next time check the back of the fabric. I will like myself so much more if it's a pale backing. For realz.

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