Wednesday, October 17, 2012

things I miss about having an apartment

It's been over four months since Bunny and I moved in "temporarily" with my mother. Four months. We weren't supposed to be here this long, but life got away from us, as it so often does. At this point we're a little ambivalent about how much of a rush we're in to move. We like being so close to the families, but it is really hard living with my mom and not having the same level of freedom and independence.

Because things are not the same when you live with your husband in your mother's house. It's an odd situation, but it works for us now. There's a lot of stuff that I miss though. Just to indulge myself here's a list of the top ten things:

  1. Walking around in the nude. Clothes at home suck.
  2. Spontaneous living room floor sex. (PS, you may not want to sit on our carpet.)
  3. Our couches that are waaay comfortable but are stuck in garage style storage.
  4. Queen beds. The twin we have now works, but there isn't much room for the two of us to toss and turn.
  5. Not needing to talk to anyone other than Bunny when I'm in a bad mood.
  6. Lights on at night. My mother doesn't believe in this, and Bunny and I go a little crazy in the constant darkness.
  7. Our artwork! We have some great pieces that we love displaying, but can't right now. We also have a whackload of pictures we've been planning on framing, but there's not a lot of sense right now in doing that.
  8. My own kitchen. Organized my own way. With me knowing absolutely everything that's in it. And all my lovely pots and pans out.
  9. Feeling free to have friends over. I guess I could do so here, but I just don't feel comfortable doing so.
  10. The satisfaction of knowing that Bunny and I are making our own way in the world, taking financial responsibility for ourselves. That feeling is huge.

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