Friday, October 19, 2012

soup weather begins

I'm not generally speaking a fan of winter. I don't like being cold. It's painful at times, to be honest, and when all I can feel of my hands or feet is ice, I'm a miserable person. But when cold weather starts to roll around, a part of me gets very excited. It means that there are things coming up that I'm looking forward to in the kitchen.

Just before Thanksgiving it finally got to be an appropriate time to make the first of my winter soups. Nothing to fancy, just a variation of my sweet and spicy butternut squash soup. So pretty much my favourite. Even better, my mom managed to scrounge up a bakery that does a pretty sweet baguette, so it was well accompanied. Was it ever delicious. Although I could, perhaps, have done without my soup being compared to the first ever bit of solid food I ever ate, but that's what happens when my mom's around. (Baby stories, all the time. Broccoli has been my favourite food since I was two and she has proof.)

Making this soup has the most marvelous affect: it inspires me to make even more soups. My mind is already churning with other flavour combinations I could soup-ify. My belly is going to be very happy this winter. So far, new new ideas include:

  • roasted cauliflower and parsnip (the bite of the parsnip should help offset how mild the cauliflower is)
  • carrot and ginger soup (it's nothing new, but it's good)
  • beet soup (um, should I have been born Russian??)
I'm sure more will come to me, especially in the grocery store (as they always do) but I'm curious. What are your favourite soups? What are some awesome flavour combinations that I haven't thought out yet but clearly need to?


  1. Potato and leek soup. My mom's simple recipe:
    Cut the leek in rings, and slighlty sautée in butter until it becomes transparent. Set aside. In the meantime, peel and cook the potatoes (1 or 1 and a half depending on the size). Once the potatoe is cooked, puree it with milk (400 ml for 2 persons) in a blender. Add to the leek and cook together for a little while. Season with pepper, salt, nutmeg and if you like you can substitute the salt by a cube of chicken broth. IT is super good.

    1. That sounds so good! My mom makes a similar soup, so I'm not sure how it slipped my mind. Thanks for the idea!