Monday, October 22, 2012


Today's post title comes courtesy of a 2003 documentary called, well, "Faster". Narrated by Ewan MacGregor, about grand prix motorcycle racing.

Which is one of the great shared loves in my marriage. Motorcycle racing. Let's put this in one kind of perspective here: Bunny is a motorcycle mechanic and me? Well, I don't drive, much less ride motorcycles - although to be fair, I'd choose a bike before a car any day. To put it in another perspective: I have a mind that's built for keeping track of histories and statistics, and remembering little bits of data, Bunny has a terrible memory.

Together? We adore motorcycle racing. To the point that our eventual, long delayed honeymoon will be timed to coincide with one of the four races that occur in Spain. (My vote is for Catalunya because that track is breathtaking to watch, but I'd be happy enough going to Aragon or the season ender in Valencia.) When we talk about "one day, if we win the lottery" one of our big things is that we want to take a year and hit every single race on the Grand Prix circuit, Qatar to Valencia.

So, eighteen days a year we get really excited because there are going to be three really awesome hours of motorsport entertainment for us. We don't always cheer the same riders (he has a thing for the Spanish riders and the flash, my soft spot is for the Italian riders and the ability to dominate), but we both enjoy the same races. We both get worked up over clean passes, daring maneovers, lean angles and terrifying crashes. I analyze the heck out of everything and then he explains to me how the bikes work.

This passion for racing? Doesn't just cover watching our races. Bunny buys the racing magazines, and I read a lot online through a couple of publications. Right now I'm getting excited hearing about all the behind the scenes work going on to get next season started: riders changing teams, changing bikes, moving up and down classes and major buyouts that are taking place. Some days I shock myself how much I know about prototype motorcycle racing. I mean, Bunny's the only reason I got into it in the first place.

Funnily enough, we're both pretty sure I enjoy it more than he does. (Or so our watching time tells us. I'm the one who goes online and watches old seasons. Bunny? Not so much.) For us? This is marriage. Giving each other's interests a fair chance and finding out that sometimes those interests are shared. I don't need to share all of Bunny's hobbies or interests, but I do give them a fair chance when he wants me to.

And I can't wait to see next year when Rossi is back on a Yamaha. If only Bunny would let me put him on the elevator list.

Are there any hobbies or interests you picked up from your significant other that surprise you?

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