Saturday, December 17, 2011

cozy Saturday mornings & Christmas cookies

The temperature has really dropped overnight here, so I'm quite glad that Bunny and I are planning a quiet Saturday in. I think he's going to play video games, and I'm going to read and work on my cross stitch.

I'm also thinking I'm going to maybe whip up a batch of gingersnap dough to portion out and freeze. Because even prior to my lay off we had severely slashed our gift budget compared to the past few years, we are doing a little something extra. (Have I ever mentioned how my first year as a full time employed non-student I spent over $1,000 on Christmas? And I only buy "big" gifts for 6 people, plus smaller ones for extended friends & family. It was a little overkill.)

It's actually super convenient - I whipped up a batch of dough, using all recipes I've enjoyed in the past (I might add one or two new ones, but I'm not really inclined to go too outside of my comfort zone for gifts). When I had the dough ready, I baked off a tray for Bunny and I enjoy that night/the next day, portioned the rest out and froze it. Now I have bags with directions waiting for just a little bit of extra attention from me.

I'm rather excited for the idea of Bunny and I having two weeks at home together. Some time for us to just chill out before he gets back into his next semester and I start seriously working on my job search.

Currently, I have frozen bags of three different types of cookie dough resting in my freezer: Chocolate chip cookies (with walnut pieces, which I've never done before but I quite enjoy), snickerdoodles and chocolate sugar cookies. Bunny and I were thinking 4-6 kinds of cookies, so gingersnaps will pull me up to my minimum and I'll think about maybe doing some others through the week.

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