Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 2

So, here we are, on day 2 of being unemployed.

Oh, what, I didn't mention that I was let go on Tuesday?
So yeah, day 2. It's a hard and complicated thing, and I have lots of complicated feelings about it. That's ok. How can there not be complicated feelings about losing a job you didn't love, when you knew the company was in dire financial straights and you would be the first to go, but still provided a steady paycheque and a feeling of self-suffiency. Of course, there's lots of other complicated stuff about it, and other feelings I'm still sorting through - but it's probably for the best to keep that off the internet, you know?

So day 2. 12:30pm, and here's what my day has looked like so far:
  • Wake up at a perfectly respectable hour and spend the morning with Bunny before he headed off to work (this is a Big Deal for me, as I'm not a morning person and am uninclined to wake up for ANYTHING)
  • Breakfast of two double-strong lattes (light on the milk & foam) and a piece of toast
  • Getting properly dressed - underthings on, real pants instead of pajama bottoms, I can walk out in public and not look like a slob (which I don't generally do on weekends if I'm not planning on leaving the house - and I think I need to make a habit of doing right now)
  • Catching up on the news and my blogs all morning long - what a luxury
  • Puppy snuggles on the couch
That's a decent day. Plans for the afternoon include work on my needlepoint, a streetcar headed east, and some decent reading.

I'm giving myself essentially until the new year as a "vacation" as I really haven't had more than a week off since I got my first job out of university. So I'm taking a break. The only things I intend on accomplishing the first week or so is to submit my EI application, update our housing assistance application with the co-op (thank god we live in a co-op, let me tell you!), and calling my banks to see what they can help me out with as far as my loans go. Oh, and I have to get a new debit card.

I have some "for fun" plans right now. I'm going to spend a lot of time reading and cross-stitching and writing and baking.
Maybe next week I will tackle the project that is "Get the House Clean Top to Bottom".
I'm going to try out tons of new recipes while I'm home.
Spend more time reading.
I have the time now to really dedicate more of it to keeping house - which is exciting.
Make working out more of a priority.

Later on, I might look at some volunteering.

It'll be good, right?

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