Monday, December 12, 2011

style spotlight: scarves

For someone who loves clothes the way I do, it's pretty odd that I don't accessorize more. Part of it is that I'm lazy in the morning, part of it is I feel a bit ridiculous, and part of it is that some of my "statement" pieces have been replaced by sentimental, standard pieces. (I switched an arsenal of hand made necklaces for a simple pendant that Bunny gave me and I now never take off, for example.)

One accessory, though, that I almost always rock is the scarf. Pashminas, of the plain and patterned variety (lately I'm loving paisley pashminas - it's the perfect pop of pattern). What's great about a pashmina is that outside it's a great scarf, and when I'm freezing in the office I can switch it into a shawl.

I'm also a huge fan of knit scarves, particularly those that I created myself. There's a lovely denseness to the wool, and they're a little more rustic. A good knit scarf reminds me of being seven, and playing outside in the snow.

A third type of scarf I'm starting to love are simple, wool scarves. Like this great green and brown plaid cashmere one I picked up in Kensington a few weeks ago - it's super warm, and this great pop of very classic pattern and colour. The only problem with this one is that Bunny keeps stealing it, because it's so warm.

There's so many great scarves out there, though. Infinity scarves are a current obsession of mine, though I have yet to purchase one (shame on me), and there are all sorts of great ruffled scarves, and silk scarves for the warmer months ... although in the great white north, my scarves tend to be appropriate for three quarters of the year.

The great thing with a scarf as an accessory is that they are both functional and fashion. What could be better than that?

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