Wednesday, December 21, 2011

that & this

Bit of a roundup post:
  • Emergency funds are good things, even if annoying, and I thank myself for that gift every day
  • Promising things on the horizon in the new year, starting with a discussion that I'm very excited about
  • Bunny has been extra-special amazing lately, which is worth noting. Seriously, I have the most wonderful man in history
  • Style alert: I bought two new pashminas (red paisley with black touches, tone on tone bronze paisley) because I found them super cheap in Chinatown and oh my goodness gorgeous
  • Dim Sum Seafood King review still to come - I promise
  • Christmas shopping is COMPLETE (well, Bunny still has some to do)
  • I bought Bunny's Christmas present literally right in front of him, and it was hilarious
  • I have sooo much wrapping and baking to do in the next three days, as evidenced by the four or five batches of frozen cookie dough & the pile of unwrapped presents
  • Must locate tape and present tags, those could be helpful
  • Bit of a rollercoaster couple of days
  • The Help (the movie) is almost as awesome as the book, which is a win to me
  • It's time to choose a new book to start in on. I'm considering the Scarlet Letter.
  • My cross stitch is getting beautiful. I've got a lovely iris taking up most of the space in the hoop right now, and so much blank cloth to take care of
  • Bunny is making dog food now, and it's stinky
  • Three more days until we are picked up to head Barrie-wards
  • The new coffee (our old favourite, but it's more expensive than I really like to spend on coffee but it's great coffee, and I'd rather buy medium-expensive beans than go out and pay for fancy drinks all the time) is fantastical and I love it

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