Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So, yesterday was a pretty rough day on some levels. Everything is still very raw and like and open wound, but I want to remind myself of all the amazing things in my life that are either independent of the crappiness, or are going to come out amazingly because of.

  1. Bunny, and having the most wonderful partner by my side though everything
  2. Financial smarts & planning ahead
  3. Morning lattes
  4. Baking!
  5. All the new recipes I plan to try
  6. Living in a co-op
  7. My beautiful, messy home
  8. Having the time to clean my home up
  9. Having Enough
  10. The chance to explore my dreams
  11. Time to myself
  12. Puppy cuddles
  13. Not having a job I hate
  14. Knowing that I'll be ok
  15. Knowing that I can take care of my finances

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