Friday, December 16, 2011

we sit and find flaws in everyone, I wanna keep you by my side holding off tidal waves

Day 3 of unemployment, so far, has meant:
  • Waking up even EARLIER than I used to wake up for work, all on my own. I laid awake in bed with puppy cuddles just because I could
  • Getting dressed properly - jeans and socks, and undergarments, for no other reason  than I feel better fully clothed than in pajamas
  • Realizing that this is a great time to explore my nudist tendencies, if I so desire
  • Reading the news, and the blogs over two double lattes, made to my exacting specifications
  • Being able to pull together a snack at the first signs of hunger pains without thinking about it
  • Writing a post to submit to APW, and having time to come back to it
  • Putting all the dirty clothes in the laundry basket for no reason other than they bothered me
  • A dishwashing dance party with the puppy to the ever wonderful soundtrack of the Format
Now, I don't want to jump up and start making grand generalizations about things after only three days at home. This whole being unemployed thing has me thinking about the statement "I am not a morning person". I have never considered myself to be one - I'm a great night owl.

Here's the thing though, I've been waking up and enjoying the mornings these past three days. What I'm starting to wonder is if I don't need to change my statement. I'm wondering if it might be more accurate to say "I am not a social morning person". Cause I'm sure loving puppy snuggles and am enjoying waking up at a normal time.

It feels good.

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